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Innisfree Story


Innisfree was founded in 2009. The first Korean natural & vegan skincare brand. The brand claims almost 90% of its products are vegan plant-based products. The brand is divided into two major categories. Innisfree Skincare &  Innisfree makeup.The brand's rightful emphasis is on healthy ingredients. Sustainable packing vegan friendly.  


Six major subcategories of Innisfree are Innisfree skincare toner, Innisfree moisturizer, Innisfree face cleanser, Innisfree serum, Innisfree makeup mascara, and makeup remover.


Innisfree & JEJU


In today’s ERA, everyone running towards sustainable and natural ingredients. Because they believe the product made with natural ingredients has fewer or no side effects on the skin. Many of us heard the word JEJU but few of us know what is it. JEJU  is an island located in South Korea. Jeju has become a hub for natural Korean skincare products.


Innisfree Green Tea


The green tea line was launched by Innisfree in the 2008s Since its launch to till now it becomes a fan favorite. The Green tea bestsellers are GREEN TEA SEED SERUM lightweight Green Tea Seed Serum that instantly replenishes skin's moisture levels for a smooth, radiant complexion. GREEN TEA SEED EYE CREAM an anti-oxidative eye cream is enriched with green tea and green tea seeds for deep moisturization and nourishment. and GREEN TEA SEED CREAM  RENEWAL A smoothing cream that delivers refreshing hydration to replenish skin's moisture levels for a healthy, glowing complexion.

Innisfree Volcanic Clay


The Volcanic clay is also derived from JEJU island. JEJU VOLCANIC PORE CLAY MASK This clay mask is made with pure natural ingredients. No fragrance included. It removes impurities from the skin, helpful for people who have large pores and high sebum production issues.  It helps to tighten pores and clear toxins. After cleansing and toning, apply the clay mask to the entire face, avoiding the mouth and eye area.


Innisfree No Sebum Powder


Innisfree No Sebum products control sebum production on the face. NO-SEBUM MOISTURE POWDER is enriched with Jeju minerals and Jeju Mint to keep skin cool, fresh, and hydrated. The finely ground powder prevents fat deposits and minimizes shine on the face. This sebum control powder was developed to present a smooth, powdery complexion.
Take an appropriate amount with the included puff or brush, and gently apply it to the face. NO-SEBUM POWDER CUSHION 21N

Innisfree Makeup


Innisfree is not only best for skincare it also has a great range of makeup products with no skin side effects. Bestsellers of makeup are SKINNY MICROCARA ZERO WATERPROOF, APPLE SEED CLEANSING OIL, NO-SEBUM SUN CUSHION, DEWY TINT LIP BALM 3.2G NO5 POWER CHERRY, MY CONCEALER [DARK CIRCLE COVER] SALMON BEIGE 7G, AIRY MATTE TINT 7 TRUE ORANGE 3.8G.

Innisfree is the best brand for beginners who just put their feet in the Kbeauty Skincare & Makeup. Best Korean skincare brand.  Best Korean skincare products to choose from!